January 3, 2009

No excuses!

Meet my grandmother, Jessie Taylor Dean, on her 102nd birthday, July 1993. She's next to her 30th great-grandchild, Ryan, my son.

Some time after this birthday, she was playing Scrabble with my Aunt Nell. Aunt Nell asked her, "Where's the dictionary?"
Gran replied, "Over there on the sofa."
"Why is it on the sofa?"
Gran: "I was teaching myself the Greek alphabet."

How often do we make excuses? I'm too old. I can't read. I don't understand the Bible. I'm not good enough. I'm too busy.

Here's a super You Tube video The March of the Unqualified.

Hop in line!

P.S Gran passed away in 1997 -- will have more stories and photos of her later.


RWood said...

Great Video! Thank you for sharing. I'm unqualified but in line nonetheless.....SMILE!

Teresa said...

Loved the story! and what awesome advice. Can't wait to read more about her!

Sarah said...

I can't get over how wonderful your grandmother looked- at 102!! And next to her 30th great grandchild! Wow! She was obviously a remarkable woman and I can hardly wait to read more about her.