January 10, 2009

The Mines

Whenever I went back to work after a long break, I mentally sang "heigh ho back to the salt mines we go." When I read the lyrics on Sunday, I realized the seven dwarves work in a diamond mine. Hey, it has been decades since I saw the movie!

Driving to school on Monday, it hit me..... our students are diamonds.
Mining diamonds is hard work, but it has been a privilege to watch them grow from preschool and beyond graduation. Several are on Facebook. Others I see around town and at homecoming. What a joy!

Job 28, referring to wisdom, begins and ends:
"Gold and silver are mined, then purified; the same is done with iron and copper.... God told us, "Wisdom means that you respect me, the Lord, and turn from sin." CEV


Amy Hallagin said...

Thank you so much for that inspiration & scripture verse, Betty! As a homeschooling Mom, that soooo applies to me. Sometimes I need to remind myself of that!

Sarah said...

Betty- you are so sweet! I love how you often speak of your students with such fondness. How blessed they are to have you at the school. You inspire me!