January 2, 2009

Jeremiah's joke on me

Beth Moore's blog, Living Proof Ministries, spoke to my heart yesterday when I discovered it. The next step was to choose a scripture to memorize. Reading the scriptures others have chosen was moving. As of now, she has 2308 comments.

I decided on Jeremiah 15:16. A joke on myself because the mandatory Bible 101 class in college was on the book of Jeremiah. I don't remember a thing about it except I hated the class to the point of making a D in the course. Immaturity of a 18 year old!

NIrV gives Jeremiah 15:16 as
When I received your words, I ate them.
They filled me with joy.
My heart took delight in them.

Lord God who rules over all,

I belong to you.

So wonderful to belong to Him! Knowing you belong gives a sense of security.

Bible Gateway, as you may know, gives many Bible translations for verses. NETBible, though, has translations on a single page. Give it a try in the side-bar. Makes it easy-peasy to cut and paste on a document for further study. Reading different translations gives me "a-ha" moments of understanding. Thank you, God, for your Word, and all the ways to receive it.

The next post will be about the most Christian woman I know. Here's a tiny hint. Can't wait for you to "meet" her.

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