January 17, 2009

Through time -- was, is and is to come

The first attribute we are studying in the His Holy Name challenge is Holy. Kari Jobe's Revelation song is so lovely, therefore I chose Revelations 4:8b .

Last Wednesday night, we had a song fest of the ten most-loved songs sung during worship in 2008. 1300 people in one room praised the Lord, it was a moving night. The Revelation song was voted number 3 by the people.

The song begins "Worthy is the Lamb." Becky Adams' testimony connected with the Revelation song is worth reading.

The stamps used are Almighty God by Unity Stamps and a stamp of the 10,000 year clock from the Long Now Foundation. I had the privilege of visiting the foundation store in San Francisco a year ago. An awesome place to visit. The cardstock from Basic Grey Archaic collection looks like planets traveling through space and time.

So awesome to know our Holy God was, and is, and is to come -- no matter what year humanity determines it is.

Tomorrow, I'll reflect on inaugurations of the past.

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One4Joy said...

Thanks so much for the links to the Revelation Song. I was blessed by it tonight! And your page for the HHN is wonderful.