January 3, 2017

Story of Your Life

Stories of Your Life
by Ted Chiang
source:  InterLibraryLoan

Had an unexpected free afternoon!  Treated myself to the movie Arrival which is
based on the short story Story of Your Life in the collection Stories of Your Life.

This page!

When I read this page, I immediately thought of ASL which has its own syntax and grammatical rules.  A few pages later, ASL was mentioned.   Tickled me to no end. 

Learned a word tonight:  semiotics - the study of signs and symbols and their use or interpretation.


Death in the Great Smoky Mountains
by Michael Bradley
published 2016
source:  local library

reflections:  I live in the foothills of the Smokies.  Our local news covers  accidents or deaths there.  Most recently, fires destroyed thousands of acres and killed at least 14 people in the area.  

Did you see the movie Sully about Sully Sullenberger who landed his plane on the Hudson? There's a connection between Sully and a plane crash in the Smokies.  A Dr. Samuel Sullenberger crashed his bright yellow Piper on TOP of a tree in the Smokies November 2, 1955. The branches cushioned the impact -- the prop and windows were not even broken. Searchers could not find his plane; so he climbed down and walked downstream. He had an encounter with a mama bear on Nov. 5 which gave him a gash across his belly. He finally found a ranger station that afternoon. 
What's the connection between Dr. S. and Sully? The year before that crash, Dr. S. visited his cousin in Denison, TX. and met his cousin's 3-year-old son Chesley (Sully) Sullenberger! 
My favorite line in the book, "Good aviation luck seems to follow the family."

I would have liked photos and maps in the book.  In the meantime, here's a photo of the aftermath of the fires  

Updates Bout of Books

*signed up for Bout of Books 18
*finished Loving and posted a review
*came home from Bridge too late to participate in the Twitter chat, did answer two tweets
*went to sleep with one chapter left of Death in the Great Smoky Mountains.
*finished Death in the Great Smoky Mountains and wrote review. There's a movie tie-in!  See what movie by reading the review here.
*saw the movie Arrival based on The Story of Your Life.  Both are great. My review tells about a tie-in with ASL.
*80 pages in the book I bought for  Cupid Goes Postal
*put 5 books on hold (via interlibrary loan) at the library
*finished one graphic novel Grimm's Fairy Tales, vol. 1;  read a few pages in book club book.  I'm going to have to skip to the ending before our meeting.
*received a book (can't put spoilers here) from my Litsy book swap club #covertocover.
*challenge was  #BookSpinePoetryBoB.   Tweet
Life and Death in Hospitals 
Went to independent bookstore then to the library to pick up Interlibrary Loans.  These three Etgar Keret books came from three different counties over 125 miles away.   Tweet said:  If you like O'Henry and Jeffrey Archer short stories, you'll like Etgar Keret.
*finished Fallout after midnight
*spent an hour on the BoB twitter chat
*folded laundry while watching t.v. 
*started Hidden Figures ... you can see it on the quilt in the "After" picture
Sunday, Final Day
*finished the Litsy Cupid Goes Postal book, all 371 pages, now to wrap it up and mail it off
*got to page 125 in Hidden Figures
*reflected on Bout of Books.  Taking photos was the most fun part.  Marking off Books Read in my various year-long challenges in Goodreads was also gratifying!
*discovered Old School Kid Lit challenge.   Shall I join in?
*decided to separate progress posts in Bout of Books 19, instead of putting all in one post.

Goals for Bout of Books
A. Finish these books
✅Death in the Great Smoky Mountains finished Jan. 3 and wrote a review
✅The Nightingale (book club meets January 11)
read as many as possible in my NetGalley queue - got interested in Zero Day
✅For a picture of the books on my TBR this week, check this tweet
B.  ✅✅Get a book or two and some goodies for my Litsy CupidGoesPostal - got the book on Jan. 3!  The goodies on Jan. 6.