August 14, 2016

Three Sisters, Three Queens

Three Sisters, Three Queens
Philippa Gregory
published August 2016
publisher Simon & Schuster, Touchstone
source  NetGalley

reflections:  Most of us are familiar with Henry VIII's six wives and the rhyme that tells of their fates "Divorced, beheaded, died; Divorced, beheaded, survived."   But how many of us know about his sisters?

Phillipa Gregory blends fact with fiction in novels that completely immerse the reader in the world of the Tudors. Three Sisters, Three Queens is no exception. 

The focus is on King Henry VIII's sisters, who become queens of Scotland, England and France. Gregory's character development highlights the compex bonds between family -- where rivalry, jealousy, and love intertwine to form an unbreakable bond, even in the midst of political controversy and war.

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August 13, 2016

Watching Edie

Watching Edie
author:  Camilla Way
publisher:  Berkley Publishing Group
source:  NetGalley

reflections:   Ever been in a relationship so toxic you are walking on eggshells?  That's the plot of Watching Edie.

Synonyms that build up dread:   watch,  watch over,  surveillance,  stalk.   
Apprehension escalates for the reader.  What happened in the past?  What will happen in the future?  

One of the characters in the book:  "I feel as if we are all waiting for something although I have no idea what for."

The story is told with  Before and After perspectives.
Before:  Heather and Edie meet when they are sixteen.  Edie,  a beautiful wild girl, has just moved to town.   They become instant friends because they like to complain to each other about their mothers. Edie picks up a boyfriend, Connor.    Then something terrible happens.  We readers don't know exactly what until the end of the book.
After:  Edie is a single mother suffering from postpartum.  Heather comes back into her life.

My perspective:  it took me several days to read because of the building apprehension.   I had to take a break to come back to the real world for a few days.


July 29, 2016

Dark Matter

Dark Matter
author Blake Crouch
publisher Crown Publishing
published July 26, 2016
source:  NetGalley, publisher, Blogging for Books

reflections:  All of us wonder "What If?"   Some of us wonder,  "wouldn't my life be better if I had ......"

Dark Matter -- whoa!  Oh.My.Word.  Jason is a physics professor with a lovely wife Daniela and a 15-year-old son.   One night while they are fixing dinner,   Jason goes out for a brief time,  promising to bring home ice cream. 

 "I don't look back.  
I don't say goodbye.   
And this moment slips past unnoticed.    
The end of everything I know, everything I love."

That's all I'm going to say.    Hint:  I learned a new word multiverse.  There are  some scientific terms in the middle of the book that went over my head, but remember our main character teaches physics.   
This was a quick mind-blowing read.  I woke up in the middle of the night to read more and more.  A major movie studio should option Dark Matter.

For more info and to read an excerpt, check Penguin Random House

FTC disclaimer I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.